WJSN's Bona shared a terrifying story  about being stalked in middle school.

Bona was stalked by a college-age man when she was between 13 to 15 years old1

The man followed her to her apartment and asked for her number.

Despite Bona being underage and in her school uniform, the stalker said she was "his style.

Bona turned him down and tried to run home, but the stalker continued to follow her.

When Bona reached her apartment, the stalker put his hand in the door to prevent her from closing it.

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The stalker asked Bona for a glass of water since no one else was home.

Despite being terrified, Bona managed to fend off the stalker and close the door.

She called her older brother for help and told him to come home immediately.

Thankfully, nothing bad happened to Bona that day, and the hosts of Late Night Horror Stories were shocked by her story.

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