Why Cam Newton would thrive with the Washington Football Team


Why Cam Newton would thrive with the Washington Football Team

Cam Newton, the former MVP, is still looking for a team after his release from the Carolina Panthers. He’s set to throw at Auburn’s Pro Day, hoping to catch the eye of NFL scouts. While he might not be a starting quarterback anymore, he still has plenty of value to add to an NFL team. Here are three teams that could benefit from signing Newton.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Adding Depth to the Quarterback Room

Kenny Pickett is the Steelers’ starting quarterback, and the team used a first-round pick on him in 2022. While Pickett had an okay rookie season, it’s clear that the Steelers could use some added insurance behind him. Newton would be the perfect fit for that role.

Newton has an impressive career record, throwing for 32,382 yards and 194 touchdowns while also adding 5,628 yards and 75 touchdowns on the ground. His experience and leadership would be valuable in the Steelers’ locker room, and he could step in if Pickett gets injured or struggles.

Tennessee Titans: Providing a Safety Net for Ryan Tannehill

The Titans have committed to Ryan Tannehill as their starting quarterback, but the team lacks depth behind him. If Tannehill were to get injured or struggle, the Titans would be in trouble. Newton would be an excellent addition to the Titans’ roster, providing a valuable backup option.

While Tannehill had a down year in 2022, throwing for just 2,536 yards and 13 touchdowns, he has the potential to bounce back. However, if he struggles again, Newton could step in and provide stability to the Titans’ offense.

Carolina Panthers: A Homecoming for Newton

While it might seem like a long shot, the Panthers could benefit from bringing Newton back. He’s still loved by the Carolina fanbase, and he has a deep connection to the city. The Panthers’ quarterback situation is unsettled, with Sam Darnold failing to impress in his first year with the team.

If Darnold doesn’t improve, the Panthers could turn to Newton. He knows the team’s offense, and he’s already proved he can lead the Panthers to success. While it might be a risky move, bringing Newton back to Carolina could be just what the team needs.


Cam Newton might not be the starting quarterback he once was, but he still has plenty of value to offer an NFL team. His experience and leadership could be invaluable in a backup role, and he could step in and provide stability if a team’s starting quarterback struggles or gets injured. While his future in the league remains uncertain, there are several teams that could benefit from signing Newton.

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