Salman Khan Supports Censorship on OTT – ‘Nudity, Vulgarity Need To Stop ,Latest News


Salman Khan Supports Censorship on OTT -  'Nudity, Vulgarity Need To Stop ,Latest News

Salman Khan’s recent comments express his disapproval of the OTT content and suggest that he is not interested in joining the bandwagon of actors appearing in streaming platforms. He believes that there should be censorship of the content and that the vulgarity, nudity, and abusive language should stop. Salman Khan pointed out that this content is easily accessible on phones, and it should have a check on it. Salman Khan further asked the media whether they would like it if a 15-16-year-old child or a girl watches abusive or vulgar content on the phone.

It is essential to note that Salman Khan’s views are his own, and there are diverse opinions on the subject. While some agree with him, others believe that OTT platforms offer creative freedom to filmmakers and actors, allowing them to explore unconventional themes and stories. The OTT platforms have given many actors and filmmakers an opportunity to showcase their talent and reach a global audience.

Censorship of content is a sensitive topic that requires a balance between artistic freedom and protecting society’s values and morals. The government has already set up a self-regulatory body for digital content in India called the Digital Content Complaints Council (DCCC), which aims to address complaints and concerns about digital content. It remains to be seen how Salman Khan’s opinion will shape the ongoing discussions on censorship of OTT content.

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