YouTuber Armaan Malik: Net Worth, Biography, Family, Controversies, and Latest Updates

YouTuber Armaan Malik: Net Worth, Biography, Family, Controversies, and Latest Updates

Armaan Malik is a popular Indian YouTuber, social media influencer, and owner of a gymnasium. He is known for his unconventional lifestyle and controversial videos, which often stir up public opinions. Armaan Malik has a massive following on social media, with 1.7 million followers on Instagram and almost 11 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Youtuber Armaan Malik’s Family

Armaan Malik’s family is often in the news because of their provocative videos, and these days the family is getting millions of views on their vlogs. Armaan Malik’s family consists of his two wives, arman malik youtuber first wife Payal and Kritika, and his son Chirayu Malik. Payal and Kritika are both pregnant, with Payal expecting twins and Kritika expecting one baby.

Armaan Malik got married to Payal in October 2011, and they have a son named Chirayu Malik. Later, Armaan Malik got married to Kritika Malik in October 2018, just six to seven days after they met. Today, Payal and Kritika live together in the same house, and Armaan and his first wife Payal have a son named Chirayu Malik.

Armaan Malik’s Net Worth

Armaan Malik’s net worth is estimated to be around 15 crores, according to media reports. His major source of income is brand endorsements and modelling. Armaan Malik also owns lavish houses and cars.

Armaan Malik’s YouTube Channels

Armaan Malik started gaining fame on Tiktok, where he has almost 10 million followers. Later, he started his YouTube channel with the name Family Fitness, and today he has almost 11 million subscribers. Almost every member of the Malik family has a YouTube channel, and in total they have seven active channels where they upload videos on a regular basis. Armaan Malik has a YouTube channel with his name where he has almost 2.6 million subscribers, and then he has another channel with almost 1.2 million subscribers named Number 1 Records.

Armaan Malik’s wives also have a Youtube channel named Talk with Payal and Kritika with 234K subscribers. And his son also has 2 YouTube channels named “Chirayu Payal Malik” and “Chirayu Malik Shots,” and both channels have around 4 million subscribers combined.

Armaan Malik Controversies

Armaan Malik and his family are known for their provocative videos, which often stir up public opinions and controversies. Recently, when Armaan Malik announced that both of his wives were pregnant, people started trolling the family, and several people called them shameless and cheap.

Armaan Malik also had a controversy with Bollywood singer Armaan Malik, where the singer claimed that the YouTuber was using his name to gain quick publicity. The YouTuber Armaan Malik reacted to the singer’s allegations and said all his claims are baseless.

Latest Updates

Armaan Malik’s family recently captured the public’s interest after his two pregnant wives, Payal and Kritika, were involved in a car accident. Fortunately, no injuries were recorded, and both they and their soon-to-be-born children are safe. The Malik family posted a video in which they shared all the gifts that they got for their babies who are about to be delivered. Armaan Malik also shocked everyone by buying a Sone Ka Jhoola or golden cradle, for his soon-to-be-born babies.


Armaan Malik is a popular Indian YouTuber, social media influencer, and

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