Amrita Rao Wedding Expenses: Spent ₹1.5 Lakh, My Saree’s Cost was ₹3000

Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol

Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol had a secret wedding in 2014, and their budget-friendly nuptials have left everyone surprised. In a recent vlog on their YouTube channel, Couple of Things, the couple shared fascinating insights into their wedding, shedding light on their minimalistic approach and the remarkable cost-effectiveness of their special day.

A Journey from Mumbai to Pune: A Secret Wedding Unveiled

In their anniversary special video, Amrita and Anmol took their fans on a nostalgic journey from Mumbai to Pune, where they exchanged vows in secret at the Iskcon Temple, nine years ago. This revelation added an air of intrigue and excitement to the couple’s story, captivating the audience.

Affordability and Elegance Go Hand in Hand

Amrita Rao, known for her roles in popular films such as “Main Hoon Na,” “Ishq Vishk,” “Jolly LLB,” and “Thackeray,” made a conscious choice to opt for a traditional look on her wedding day. Rejecting the notion of expensive designer clothes, she donned a beautiful saree worth a modest ₹3000. Anmol, too, embraced simplicity, with his wedding outfit priced similarly.

The Cost of Simplicity: A Surprisingly Affordable Wedding

What truly astonished their viewers was the revelation of the wedding expenses. The couple disclosed that they spent only ₹1.5 lakh on their entire wedding, including outfits, venue, and miscellaneous expenses. The wedding venue itself, the Iskcon Temple, was arranged at a remarkable cost of ₹11,000. Their emphasis on keeping the celebration within their means resonated with many.

Marriage as an Expression of Love, Not Luxury

Amrita Rao conveyed a profound message through her choices, stating, “We have always believed that marriage is love. Money is not a showpiece.” Her conviction in the power of love over material extravagance struck a chord with viewers. The couple’s primary focus was to ensure the presence of their cherished family and close friends at their wedding. By prioritizing their loved ones over lavishness, they created an intimate and memorable experience.

Inspiring a New Paradigm: Celebrating Love Within One’s Means

RJ Anmol echoed Amrita’s sentiments, emphasizing that their wedding was a reflection of their personalities and a symbol of transparency. Their hope is that their wedding story will inspire couples to celebrate their love within their means, understanding that the value lies in the commitment shared between two individuals, rather than the grandeur of the event.

Netizens Applaud Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol’s Simple Wedding

The couple’s low-key wedding garnered praise and admiration from netizens across various social media platforms. YouTube users flocked to the comments section of their video, lauding them for their budget-friendly yet heartfelt celebration. Observations such as “They had a humble wedding…” and “You guys are amazing… Your wedding is the best” reflected the positive sentiment resonating with viewers.

A Lesson in Simplicity and Love: Inspiring the Younger Generation

Amidst the digital praise, one comment stood out, capturing the sentiment shared by many: “You both are very inspirational to all. So simple, but so loving and so special.” Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol became role models for the younger generation, showcasing that even celebrities can choose to marry in a genuine and uncomplicated manner. Their example serves as a reminder that weddings need not be extravagant displays, but rather moments to cherish and celebrate the essence of love.

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