TBT: John Mayer Said Taylor Swift Writing “Dear John” Was a “Lousy Thing to Do”

Taylor Swift "Dear John": John Mayer's Opinion Revealed Slug

In this throwback article, we take a closer look at the intriguing relationship between Grammy-winning musicians Taylor Swift and John Mayer. From their initial connection on social media to the release of their collaborative song “Half of My Heart,” and the subsequent fallout, this article explores the ups and downs of their brief romance and the impact it had on their careers.

How They Met and Collaborated

Back in March 2009, Taylor Swift and John Mayer’s paths crossed on social media. Mayer expressed his desire to collaborate with the young country-pop star, specifically mentioning a song called “Half of My Heart.” Swift, an avid fan of Mayer’s, was thrilled by the mention and the opportunity to work with him. Their connection through Twitter laid the foundation for their musical collaboration.

Eight months later, their collaboration came to fruition with the release of “Half of My Heart” on Mayer’s album, “Battle Studies.” Despite not being in a romantic relationship at the time, Mayer openly praised Swift during his press tour, admiring her talent and referring to her as a rising star.

The Chemistry and Speculation

During a live performance of “Half of My Heart” at the Z100 Jingle Ball, Swift and Mayer displayed undeniable chemistry on stage. Their captivating performance led to widespread speculation about their romantic involvement. Shortly after, the two were spotted having dinner together in Nashville and attending the taping of CMT’s Crossroads, where they further fueled rumors with their interactions.

The Release of “Dear John”

In October 2010, Taylor Swift released her album “Speak Now,” which included the controversial song “Dear John.” The song’s lyrics strongly suggested that it was about her relationship with John Mayer. The emotionally charged lyrics painted a picture of betrayal and heartbreak, capturing the attention of fans and the media alike.

John Mayer’s Reaction and Controversy

Upon hearing “Dear John,” Mayer publicly expressed his displeasure. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he described the song as “terrible” and voiced his belief that he didn’t deserve such treatment. Mayer felt humiliated and criticized Swift for not reaching out to him before releasing the song. He dismissed it as “cheap songwriting” and questioned her intentions.

Taylor Swift’s Response

Taylor Swift, in response to Mayer’s reaction, defended her songwriting process. She asserted that she never disclosed the identities of the people her songs were about. Swift found Mayer’s assumption that the song was about him presumptuous and stated that she hadn’t read his reaction but knew it wasn’t positive.

Their Ongoing Musical Back-and-Forth

Following the release of “Dear John,” the public witnessed a series of musical exchanges between Swift and Mayer. Three years later, Mayer released “Paper Doll,” which was widely interpreted as his response to Swift’s song. This back-and-forth musical dialogue continued with subtle references and allusions in their respective tracks, reigniting the drama and speculation surrounding their relationship.

Current Endeavors and Paths

Both Taylor Swift and John Mayer have since moved on from their brief romance. Swift has enjoyed a successful career, with several high-profile relationships and critically acclaimed albums. Mayer dated other notable figures in the industry, including Katy Perry, and has focused on his music career, releasing albums and embarking on tours.


The relationship between Taylor Swift and John Mayer remains a memorable chapter in their lives, marked by the release of the emotionally charged song “DearJohn” and the subsequent public exchange of musical responses. While their romance was short-lived, it left a lasting impact on their careers and the public’s perception of their music. The back-and-forth nature of their songs kept fans intrigued and fueled speculation for years. As both artists continue to pursue their respective musical endeavors, their past connection serves as a reminder of the complexity and emotional depth that can be found in their songs.

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